Jon Leger has just released his latest version of his award winning article spinning & rewriting software, The Best Spinner 3.

If you are not familiar with article spinning software, let me give you a very brief description of what it does and why you might find it useful in your affiliate and Internet marketing efforts.

If you have been doing any online marketing you recognize that content is king in the eyes of the search engines. Therefore the ability to create fast, quality content is absolutely necessary in order to be successful online today.

Article spinning software is designed automate the task of taking unique content and modifying or “spinning” that content through the use of replacing words or phrases with the appropriate synonyms or synonym phrases.

Generally, the key to this process is having a comprehensive list of synonyms or synonym phrases that all fit together to look as if the modified content is 100% human created. To successfully accomplish this requires a massive, human generated synonyms database. And only The Best Spinner 3 has such a database.

The reason?

The Best Spinner 3’s synonym databases is dynamically created and maintained by thousands of Best Spinner users. The Best Spinner 3 continuously prioritizes its synonym database based on its is users use of said database. It truly can get no better!

But The Best Spinner 3 is so much more than its synonym (thesaurus) database.

It now provides an industry standard user interface that makes it so easy to learn that anyone familiar with the MS Office suite will instantly understand how to easily navigate its new user interface.

The Best Spinner 3 also has power project capabilities so you can efficiently manage as complex of writing projects as your business demands.

It provides a powerful data merge capability that will handle the most sophisticated merge requirements allowing you to easily and efficiently incorporate data feeds into your normal article writing needs.

The Best Spinner 3 allows you to leverage 1,000s of Best Spinner users favorite synonyms for fully automated article spinning with results that will dazzle!

You can export the spin syntax to other spinning tools, even if they have totally different syntax, allowing you to leverage the massive Best Spinner thesaurus within other tools, be they web or PC based solutions.

The Best Spinner 3 also provides for automated posting to your WordPress websites!

How easy can it get.

And with everything we have discussed, we have merely touched the surface of the capabilities of The Best Spinner 3.

But here is the best news yet.

The Best Spinner is currently (and through Oct 7th) available at one half off – $47 – its standard price of $84.

Do not delay! Take advantage of this Launch special pricing and get your copy of The Best Spinner 3 now!

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